Visualign Consulting specializes in the following services:

You run a complex business. Do you know how well your business is doing? In the past, at present, and in the near future? What if a parameter changes, how will that impact your results?

Business Analysis: Identify the main drivers of your business’ performance, create models that allow for what-if scenarios and predict the impact of alternatives to provide the basis for better decisions.



You have lots of business related data. Do you wish you had a better overview of the relevant data? Do you know where to look to spot trends and to gain insight?

Data Visualization: Bring data to life with interactive, dynamic visualizations that tell a story and lead to insight.




You are in the business to make money. Do you know who your most/least profitable customers are? Are you leaving money on the table? What if we could uncover some of those answers for you?

Profitability Improvement: Understand the profitability of your business through an accurate model of how your cost get consumed in relevant activities and processes. Once profitability is identified at a granular level, business strategy can focus on reducing losing and focusing on winning activities and customers.


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