Our Approach is to offer a small, but meaningful initial engagement FREE of charge. The typical result is a model that you can EVALuate. Try before you Buy. Scope and nature of subsequent collaboration is always based on the findings of that initial assessment and your favorable EVALuation.

Of course ultimately nothing is for free. At a minimum, every engagement takes some of your time. To maximize the outcome and minimize waste we do this in three steps:

  1. Call (1 hr online Skype) – Explore scenario and identify initial possibilities.  FREE
  2. Visit (1 day onsite)  – We present our services and you lay out your problem.  FREE
  3. Model (1 week onsite) – We build, show, and document a prototypical model.  EVAL

Why do we offer initial assessments for free? Because it’s a win-win for both sides. You learn about our services and we learn about your problem scenario. You get to observe us while providing the service, which gives you a risk-free evaluation period. We get to better understand your situation and can decide the best course of action.

We evaluate lots of tools and methods in the Business Intelligence (BI) field. The best way to assess the power of any tool or method is to test-drive it. If you have an unfulfilled BI need, we can most likely help you. Whether it’s an independent assessment, an unbiased recommendation, or help with implementation and integration, chances are we have what you need.

Contact us today to better understand and improve your business.

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